Pace University students, staff review layered security options

Security continues to remain an important topic of discussion at college and university campuses around the nation.

At a recent community meeting at Pace University in New York, for example, administration members and students reviewed the school’s current safety and security efforts, from sexual assault reporting to creating stronger communication throughout the campus community.

The Pace Chronicle student newspaper reported that Pace University Director of Security Vincent Beatty noted that the campus has a low rate of incidents, while also listing available security options.

“There are multiple things that we do to provide security on campus. The first thing we do is place several mobile patrol units around campus. We have access control on all of our residence halls. We also have cameras on all of our residence halls. We have Code Blue phones throughout the campus and we have a 24-hour escort service. It provides students with transportation to any two points on campus if they need it.”

A layered approach to security that includes a diverse set of products and devices that can deliver important notifications intended to reach a broad audience is vital for campus communities that cater to different groups.

Code Blue is dedicated to providing sophisticated emergency communication solutions that can bolster the safety and security at college and university environments like Pace University, whose annual Security and Fire Safety Report states that our industry pioneering blue light emergency phones are “located throughout campus by strategic locations. (i.e.: near residential halls, in parking lots and other active buildings).” To learn more about how Code Blue can benefit college and university settings, call 800-205-7186 or contact an authorized Code Blue representative.