New Premium Bezels Offer Limitless Options

Code Blue Corporation, the industry pioneering manufacturer of emergency communication solutions, is now offering customers a new way to customize their Help Points® and emergency phones to better suit their needs. A pair of new premium bezel options are now available that provide maximum durability while offering nearly limitless flexibility in the color, text and Braille selections used on the phone bezels.

The unique acrylic and aluminum composition provides vandal, weather and UV resistance for a long-lasting appearance that helps inform, instruct and guide individuals using Code Blue speakerphones.

The Premium Bezels are available in two options:

Premium bezel custom text



ADA Compliant Tactile Bezel: Large (13 characters) and small (4 characters) bezels with six standard color choices for text and bezel and more than a dozen high-contrast combinations.


Premium bezel color





Custom Design Bezel: Create and submit your own design, using full color images, logos and text; optional Braille available to match.



Available in Code Blue’s standard large or small sizes, premium bezels can be purchased with any new IA500, IP2500, IA4100 and IP5000 emergency speakerphone, or ordered as a replacement part for existing phones already installed at locations.

For more information about Code Blue’s bezel options, email or call (800) 205-7186.