Remaining Proactive With Security Measures Is Key

Holland Hospital Holland MI (18)A key to ensuring the safety of everyone at any location is remaining proactive with your current security measures and evaluating potential improvements that can be made to mitigate any future emergencies that may take place.

This fall, for example, students, faculty and staff at Chico State University worked to identify potential safety issues throughout its California campus during its annual “Moonlight Safety Walk” event organized by the Public Safety Advisory Committee. According to the Chico Enterprise-Record, the group noted several areas of concern, including areas with poor lighting and uneven pavement, and performed tests on each of the Code Blue emergency blue light phones that can be found throughout campus.

“This is an important service to the campus,” Chico State Facilities Management and Services Director Kevin Doyle told the newspaper. “Every set of eyes on the campus helps us spot areas to improve.”

Regularly accessing your security plan is a necessary step to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy the peace of mind of a safe environment. Without continually updating and evaluating an ever-changing landscape in and around your organization, it is difficult to be 100 percent ready to respond and react when an incident occurs. Fortunately, more and more locations are taking the initiative to adapt to the unique needs of their audience, including the installation of Code Blue products.

Code Blue has number of emergency communication solutions specifically designed to improve security and provide help when you need it most. From our industry leading Help Points® and emergency speakerphones that offer a direct link to first responders to our flexible and powerful public address and software solutions, Code Blue is here to help.

To learn more about how we can benefit your location, call 800-205-7186 or contact a Code Blue representative.