Protecting School Environments Remains a Top Priority

Finding the right security system remains a challenge for school administrators, who are continually seeking out the best solutions to help keep their students, faculty and staff safe on campus.

This important topic was recently covered in an article in a&s International Magazine, where David Fleming, Chief Design Officer for Code Blue Corporation, talked about the importance of selecting the right system for your location.

“We always recommend finding a flexible management system that has the capability to maximize legacy systems while also giving schools a foundation for future expansion. There are now many software and hardware options available that offer this type of flexibility. …”

“The issue is that even with compatibility, a legacy system is still limited in its capabilities. Even if all of the customer’s devices are working on a single system, the device-to-device experience is very different. In an emergency situation, the last thing you want is responders wasting time trying to figure out the needs of each device.”

Fleming also touched upon the benefits of customer service applications emergency communication solutions provide beyond simply security.

“Security systems are not required from an emergency perspective every day, so schools need to consider ways to get their staff comfortable with the platforms for non-emergency activities,” explained Fleming. “For example, in the case of a mass notification platform, while it may be designed to handle critical communications, at its core, it is a delivery platform perfectly capable of sending everyday messages, like morning announcements, classroom bells, or letters to parents.”

Code Blue is dedicated to providing sophisticated emergency communication solutions that can bolster the safety and security at education environments. To learn more about how Code Blue can benefit your location, call (800) 205-7186 or contact an authorized Code Blue Representative.