Proactive Security At SE Louisiana University Includes Code Blue

Hurricane season is an important planning period for organizations in the United States located near the Atlantic Ocean coast and along the Gulf of Mexico. Ensuring safety and security is important for anyone who might be in the path of a severe storm, thus requiring locations to provide consistent proactive planning processes and communication plans that can quickly adapt to changing weather conditions.

Southeastern Louisiana University is one example of an educational institution that is striving to keep students, faculty and staff aware of ways it can stay informed during potential hurricane situations. Located 45 miles northwest of New Orleans, Southeastern Louisiana is a public university with an enrollment of more than 14,000 students. A recent article in its student newspaper, The Lion’s Roar, highlighted the precautions school officials have put in place to help the campus during a hurricane. Included in that plan are the more than 40 Code Blue Help Points® that are located throughout campus and can be used to broadcast alerts while still providing help at the touch of a button 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“The mission of this plan is to protect the health and safety of the campus community by coordinating disaster preparedness planning, risk mitigation, response, emergency communication systems and incident recovery activities.” Executive Director of Public and Governmental Affairs Erin Cowser told the student newspaper.

That work has helped Southeastern Louisiana University rank as one of the 15 safest educational institutions in the “50 Safest Large College and Universities in America” report published by College Choice in 2016. School officials quickly discovered just how valuable a safe reputation can be when it comes to recruiting new students.

“More and more we are hearing parents and incoming students express the importance of attending a university and area that are known for safety,” Director of Enrollment Services Lori Fairburn said on the university’s website.

Code Blue’s industry pioneering emergency communication solutions can bolster the safety and security of colleges and universities by putting people in touch with assistance during a wide range of events, from hurricanes and other weather events to something more simple, like a flat tire or malfunctioning parking gate. To learn how we can help your location, click here.