Show Pride in Your Security by Making It Stand Out

Safety and security are critical considerations for any location, but there’s no reason that a little pride can’t be incorporated into how those plans are executed.

There was a time when security wasn’t necessarily an openly discussed topic of conversation. The idea that an emergency could occur might not have had a significant impact on daily operations and it could be challenging to find room in the budget for advanced security solutions. Unfortunately, as tragic incidents continued to make headlines around the world, the need for sophisticated emergency management became essential. It’s not uncommon now for a variety of security standards to be present to help keep those in and around a location safe.

With the physical security market projected to be worth nearly $88 billion by 2019, the demand for reliable and durable products will only continue to grow. Crime never would occur in a perfect world, but since reality tells a different story, it’s vital to have your proactive security measures visible not only to send a message to potential criminals, but also to present a clear outlet for people to request assistance.

By taking some simple steps that make security solutions – like Code Blue’s signature Help Points® – stand out even more, you can reap additional safety benefits that can be enjoyed by everyone on site:

  • Visible deterrent: The mere presence of blue light phone pedestals and call boxes is frequently enough to prevent an individual from committing a crime or offense. If an incident does occur, direct contact with first responders remains available at the touch of a button.
  • Match your brand: Rather than allowing your security products to blend into the landscape and potentially become forgotten or ignored, take advantage of the freedom that custom paint colors, text, logos and designs can provide that will augment your existing marketing strategy.
  • An extra layer: Surveillance cameras have become so commonplace in today’s landscape that they’re frequently tuned out; blue light phones are visible beacons that also have the flexibility and durability to be placed in areas where cameras can’t.
  • Build awareness: When an incident occurs people need to know how to request help, which is one reason why more and more locations are becoming proactive about educating their audience about their placement and applications.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: One of the advantages of Code Blue pedestals is the trademark cylindrical design that makes them one of the most beautiful security products on the market, a look that is synonymous with safety and security around the world.

Everyone deserves the peace of mind of a safe environment. With a little bit of effort and investment, not only will your security initiatives be bolstered, but everyone will be able to take pride in knowing that some is looking after their wellbeing.