The Only Corners We Cut

Sometimes it is about more than just what you do.  It is about why you do it.

Step out onto our production floor and you will see the care and dedication put into each product produced at Code Blue.  Each product is hand crafted by our trained technicians using American-made components.  Why?  Because when the time comes, and the button is pushed, it has to work—every time.

Every step of the production process, from the vandal-resistant paint application to phone construction, is done in painstaking detail to ensure that years from now each product continues to perform as if it has just rolled off the production line.  The result of this unmistakable craftsmanship is a beautiful-looking product capable of withstanding the harshest elements and exceeding the strictest regulations.

It is the difference that only a security company can bring to emergency communication.

To learn more about what makes us more than just another intercom company, call us at 800-205-7186 or click here to find a manufacturer representative in your area.