Tips For Taking Advantage Of Solar Power

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From technological advances to a desire to be more environmentally conscious, interest in solar power options isn’t waning anytime soon. That enthusiasm even extends to the world of emergency communication.

Code Blue offers a solar array module that can be used to operate emergency speakerphones and LED beacon/strobe and faceplate lights.

While Code Blue’s solar option can be used virtually anywhere, here are some recommendations that will help you enjoy the long-lasting environmental and economical benefits that come with the Code Blue products that utilize solar power:

  • Adjust the angles: Solar panels still have the ability to generate power even if light has been defused by clouds, but locations that experience regular snowfall should routinely adjust the tilt of the panels to avoid the accumulation of precipitation that can block sunlight.
  • Be aware of your surroundings: Buildings, trees and other structures that create shade or shadows will have a detrimental effect on your solar potential. Even temporarily blocking direct sunlight can have a negative impact.
  • Check the batteries: The solar panels are attached to run and maintain Sealed Lead Acid Absorbent Glass Mat (SLA AGM) batteries that are used to operate the unit’s speakerphone and LED beacon/strobe and faceplate lights. Extreme heat and cold can impact the charging capabilities of the batteries that run the unit. Test these regularly to ensure they are performing properly.
  • Examine the components: Checking battery connections for corrosion and proper connections and annually replacing the batteries will help ensure performance isn’t affected.
  • Regularly clean the panel: We recommend that solar panels are regularly cleaned for dust and dirt to ensure sunlight is properly reaching the polycrystalline cells.

By doing the proper homework and proactively performing regular maintenance, all regions – including areas with inclement weather or intermittent sunshine – can enjoy a green solution for providing help at the touch of a button.