Bring It All Together With ToolVox® X3

What is ToolVox®? Simply put, the ToolVox X3 is a hub for connecting Code Blue Help Points® and other emergency devices to Code Blue software.

But it’s actually so much more.

For example, the operating system, or ToolVox Administration can provide a streamlined experience that will allow you to:

  •                 Schedule and run tests for connected devices to ensure the phones, and components like speakers, buttons and microphones, are working properly at all times, eliminating the need for teams to visit each phone;
  •                 Remotely monitor and provision phones and public address speakers;
  •                 Generate dial tone for emergency phones;
  •                House Code Blue’s proprietary software, Blue Alert EMS and Blue Alert MNS.

And that’s just the tip of the systems management platform’s potential. Watch this video to learn more about what ToolVox can do for your location.

For more information about ToolVox, or any of Code Blue’s industry pioneering products, call 800-205-7186 or contact an authorized representative.