Keep Your Units Looking Like New With Touch Up Paint Kits

Paint_Touch_Up_KitCode Blue, the industry leading manufacturer of emergency communication solutions, is now pleased to offer the perfect way to repair minor scratches, dents and scuffs on any of our painted enclosures.

Our Touch Up Paint Kit is a fast and easy solution that provides long-lasting repairs for Code Blue’s durable automotive-grade finish available on its products. Available in 12 standard colors, we are also able to match custom, Pantone, RAL and swatch colors.

All Code Blue painted products undergo an intensive four-coat process that begins with a one-component organic zinc rich primer that provides excellent corrosion resistance and minimal maintenance. The process is then finished with topcoat baked-on polyurethane enamel for maximum durability and shine.

The end result is a long-lasting finish that is weather, graffiti and UV resistant, and capable of maintaining its brilliance long after installation. With this handy one-time use maintenance kit, it’s now easier than ever to keep your unit looking like new.

Code Blue offers two additional paint solutions designed to keep your products looking like they just rolled off the production line:

  • Paint Restoration Kit: Restores the shine to unit with faded or scuffed paint
  • Paint Refurbish: Units are stripped of components, painted and reassembled to fix damaged paint or scratched surfaces

To learn more about all of Code Blue’s paint options, email or call 800-205-7186.