Code Blue systems continue to keep students safe

The importance of student safety has been a hallmark of Code Blue since its inception in 1989.

For nearly 25 years, our emergency communication solutions have been implemented at hundreds of campus locations around the world, where they stand as both a deterrent and a beacon for those in need. Whether it’s a pedestal along a pathway, a wall mount in a garage or high-tech software ready to react in an instant, Code Blue systems are available to provide assistance at the touch of a button.

The need for fast and efficient communication with security personnel was illustrated once again at the University of Tennessee. According WATE-TV in Knoxville, a student recently was groped by a man while jogging on campus.

“We’re coming back from summer vacation and many people are new to campus,” UT Police Officer Kelly Mihalik told the TV station. “The big thing we want to stress is take precautions in everything you do.”

That includes using one of the more than 100 Code Blue Help Points® located throughout the university’s campus.

To learn more about how Code Blue’s emergency communication solutions can benefit campus environments, call (800) 205-7186 or contact an authorized Code Blue Dealer.