Code Blue maintains security identity for 25 years

Who is Code Blue?

Plenty of claims to that name have been made over the years, but only one Code Blue has earned its position as the industry leading manufacturer of emergency communication solutions.

So, just to be clear, we are not an energy drink. We are neither an IT service company located in New Zealand nor a Japanese TV series. We aren’t a 2011 Dutch film, a bluegrass band based in Virginia or a café located in southern California. And we certainly aren’t a deer scent used by hunters.

Who we are is a company that has strived to develop new solutions to keep millions safe in an ever-changing world. For more than a quarter century, we have provided a direct lifeline for people seeking help, whether it’s a life-saving situation, requesting vehicle support or simply asking for directions.

Whether it’s Blue Light Phones, public address or mass notification, Code Blue ensures that messages will be clearly and effectively delivered. When you need help, the button has to work. When you need to broadcast an alert, it has to not only be heard but understood. Every time.

Simply put, we work to keep people safe and connected to assistance – wherever you go, whenever you need it.  It’s a lesson already learned by thousands of education, corporate, airport, hospital and municipal locations around the world, and it’s a mission that will carry us into the future.

Code Blue: We are security.