Campuses continue to invest in emergency communication solutions

The interest in installing effective security and safety solutions does not appear to be dissipating anytime soon, according to Campus Safety’s 2014 Emergency Notification survey.

The magazine recently surveyed more than 700 campus security, law enforcement, emergency management and other protection professionals, and more than half indicated they are planning or considering new or upgraded security solutions in the near future.

And a number of those solutions fall in line with the sophisticated group of emergency communication products offered by Code Blue Corporation.

For example, more than one in five respondents from both the college/university and healthcare sectors plan to upgrade their call boxes in the next year, and more than half of the college/university respondents and a third of healthcare already use call boxes on their campuses. Code Blue offers a wide range of sophisticated Help Points®, from durable pedestals to versatile wall mounts, which provide an array of emergency and non-emergency services.

Meanwhile, 29 percent of K-12 schools and 17 percent of college/university and healthcare respondents are planning to add intercoms/paging devices to their security plans. Once again, Code Blue offers not only a line of powerful public address speakers uniquely designed to communicate intelligibly with a large audience, but speakerphones that offer a direct means of contact with first responders.

Finally, nearly a quarter reported challenges with their emergency notification systems, including database management, message delivery and integration. Fortunately, Code Blue’s Blue Alert® EMS and MNS are sophisticated software solutions specifically designed to effectively and efficiently detect and respond when an incident occurs.

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