Code Blue Continues to Help Cities Stay Safe

ford-airport-grand-rapids-mi-9Governments and municipalities are sworn to serve and protect their communities. From downtown streets and parks to garages and bridges, cities require a variety of complex needs that cannot be easily resolved with just one solution.

Safewise, an online company that provides home security news, recently compiled its 2016 list of the “30 Safest College Towns in America.”

Criteria included the most recent FBI crime statistics and safety-related programs at college towns across the nation.

Included in the top 10 were several locations where Code Blue’s industry pioneering emergency communication solutions can be found:

  • Winona, Minnesota (No. 1)
  • Charleston, Illinois (No. 2)
  • Grand Rapids, Michigan (No. 3)
  • Rexburg, Idaho (No. 6)

The Grand Rapids listing, in particular, highlighted the city’s extensive use of Code Blue Help Points®:

“Grand Rapids has been recognized as one of the country’s best places to raise a family and a top spot for fun and recreation—plus it consistently makes our list of safest cities in Michigan. … On campus at area colleges like Grand Rapids Community College, campus police provide a number of services including personal escorts, disabled vehicle assistance, and emergency call boxes.”

Blue light phone pedestals and call boxes also can be found in the Grand Rapids area at Gerald R. Ford International Airport, Spectrum Health and along The Rapid’s Silver Line bus transit route.

Code Blue offers a wide array of cost-effective options specifically designed for to increase safety and security in municipal settings that won’t break your budget. In addition to allowing authorities to react in an instant to emergencies and reclaim potentially dangerous locations, the versatility of Code Blue products also includes a wide range of applications for non-emergency situations, like car trouble in a parking lot, tourists asking for directions or other basic information requests.

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