Code Blue Products Help Combat Crime in Santa Ana

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Following the deadly beating of a 23-year-old woman outside a nightclub in downtown Santa Ana, California, city officials assured local residents and businesses that it would be taking the appropriate steps to ensure the safety and security of everyone in the city.

Santa Ana has made a concerted effort to revitalize its downtown area in recent years, with trendy restaurants, specialty shops and nightclubs opening throughout the historic shopping district. Located in the Greater Los Angeles area, Santa Ana is the county seat for Orange County and located only a few miles away from Disneyland, making it a popular destination for tourists and southern Californians alike. Following the tragedy, many business owners were worried that the incident might drive people away.

In the months that followed the incident, efforts included hiring a downtown liaison, increasing the presence of police with both mounted patrols and officers on foot, and the installation of additional surveillance cameras.

Just as signification was the installation of Code Blue.

To help combat crime and provide another direct communication link to police, the city recently installed several Code Blue Help Points® equipped with cameras mounted both overhead and on the faceplate that are activated when someone presses the button on the IA4100, a sophisticated analog speakerphone that allows people to report emergencies in a fast and effective manner.

“It provides evidentiary data if a crime occurs. It’s an additional resource for the public,” Santa Ana Officer Otto Laufer told KABC-TV Los Angeles. “Not everybody has cell phones.”

The city also added Code Blue’s powerful public address speakers to the CB 1-s that can deliver powerful and intelligible alerts to a large audience over a broad geographical area.

“We could address the public from all seven at a single time and we can do that with live talk or we can play a prerecorded message,” Laufer said.

The implementation of Code Blue systems is especially attractive to city and municipal settings looking to both provide customer service applications and minimize their legal considerations by offering another level of security. To learn more about how Code Blue can help your location, click here.