Elevator Connect Solution A Reliable Way To Request Help

Elevator Connect Solution A Reliable Way To Request Help

Code Blue’s Elevator Connect Solution is an effective way to provide call routing and diagnostics for emergency communication devices installed in elevators. The robust platform acts as an alternative to telephone landlines, which are quickly becoming obsolete and expensive to operate. As a result, we can provide phone service for elevators with both IP and analog handoffs.

The last thing anyone wants to happen while riding in an elevator is an emergency to occur. However, if assistance is needed, there should be an option in place for people to quickly and easily call for help.

This solution offers a number of advantages, including:

  • Our ruggedized 4G LTE router kit is compatible with 4G LTE, wired networks and Wi-Fi. This solution could be used to provide automatic failover functionality by using a combination of 4G LTE/wired/wireless connection methods. For example, if the Wi-Fi network goes down, the router can automatically switch to 4G LTE cellular communications. Two SIM cards also could be installed from different carriers so if the primary carrier loses connectivity, the secondary carrier can automatically take over.
  • Code Blue’s Managed Cloud solution offers SIP registration, call routing, e911/DID, diagnostics, pre-configured network devices, and many more

Other features include:

  • Secure connections (encrypted VPN tunnels)
  • Ability to connect multiple elevators to a centralized system
  • IP and analog device support
  • Preconfigured devices to reduce installation time and administration
  • Easy updates managed in real time by Code Blue

To learn more about Code Blue’s Elevator Connection solution, click here or visit our Solutions page.