Emergency Notification Popularity Remains Strong

The popularity of emergency notification systems doesn’t appear to be waning anytime soon. This, according to the “2019 Emergency Notification Deep Dive Survey” conducted by Campus Safety Magazine and published in its August issue.

According to the results, 57 percent of respondents plan to deploy new or upgraded solutions – an increase from 2017, when 51 percent said it was in their plans – while 31 percent are considering their options. Demand is also increasing in the healthcare (63 percent vs. 49 percent in 2017) and the K-12 (64 percent vs. 58 percent) markets.

Code Blue, of course, offers a number of products and solutions that can assist healthcare and educational locations with their emergency notifications, including speakerphones, blue light pedestal towers and call boxes, public address speakers, mass notification software and more.

The report also indicates that another area that is growing in popularity is integration. According to the survey, 32 percent of respondents have integrated their systems, while 22 percent are working on it. Code Blue prides itself on continuing to partner with a number of leading security and technology organizations to bring advanced solutions to our customers. That’s one reason why our VoIP speakerphones utilize SIP technology, allowing them to register to a number of leading device management systems.

One challenge for healthcare and educational locations, however, appears to be intelligibility. For instance, 60 percent of K-12 schools responded that it was a problem, including 35 percent indicating that outdoor mass notification intelligibility was moderately or very challenging. Since it is important to deliver messages that are both loud and understood, Code Blue’s public address solutions are designed specifically to offer maximum intelligibility that ensure notifications will be clearly delivered across large distances.

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