Hotels may want to consider additional security measures

An estimated 1 billion travelers stay at hotels in the United States annually, which has prompted many businesses to look into strengthening their safety and security setups in an effort to provide the best possible experience for guests.

Deadbolt locks and a vigilant staff can prevent many crimes, but a recent blog post published by pointed out additional steps that can be taken to further bolster the security of hotels.

One example is stronger lighting:

“Good exterior lighting is designed to fill the gap between the property boundary and the hotel entrance and is the most important nighttime security feature. Public areas, when bathed in light, are both inviting to the guest and a powerful deterrent to crime.”

Another is curbside deterrence:

“Parking lot security is often the most overlooked area on a hotel property. Stranger-to-stranger crimes against persons are more likely to occur in the parking lot than in any other location. This is because parking lots offer the criminal the best hiding places, the fewest witnesses, and the quickest escape route.”

Code Blue offers a number of emergency communication solutions that can help hotel guests relax and enjoy an overnight stay rather than worry about their safety.

To assist with lighting, Code Blue offers one of the brightest LED beacon/strobe lights on the market, the S-1000, which not only remains bright in direct sunlight, but also is an energy efficient option that saves both money and the environment.

Code Blue’s signature line of Help Points® also serve as a visible deterrent, while also providing direct contact with first responders in emergency situations. In addition to providing additional lighting, they come with a wide range of options – CCTV, AED housings, public address speakers, card readers – that may prove helpful to both hotel guest and personnel.

To learn more about our emergency communication solutions, email or contact an authorized Code Blue dealer.