Help Points® Are More Than Just A Phone And Light

“The emergency intercom is generally pictured as a metal box — frequently red or blue for easy identification — that allows someone in distress to push a button and call for help. But like so many technologies in the security sphere today, these items can be far more complex than they appear.”

An article published in the August 2016 issue of SDM Magazine opened with this paragraph, examining the myriad ways that Help Points® and blue light emergency phones are so much more than just a phone. Among the reasons highlighted were integration, intelligibility and power requirements.

Park Holland MI (2)Help Points continue to serve as sophisticated end points capable of providing another level of security by increasing visibility and serving as a beacon to those in need by putting them in contact with first responders when help is needed. These enclosures also easily incorporate additional safety and security equipment, including surveillance cameras, public address systems, housings for Automated External Defibrillator (AED) devices and more. They also can integrate with additional video management and access control software solutions, offering a higher return on the investment and providing scalability and flexibility for future expansion and updates.

“As products have advanced in technology — moving to IP protocols, utilizing wireless technology and offering better audio capabilities — integrators are finding that they are more useful and have more potential. Integrators say they also present increasing touchpoints with the customer, as well opportunities for expansion and integration,” the article said.

That’s why Code Blue builds all of its products with the customer in mind. From a wide variety of durable Help Point enclosures to building our phones on open standards like Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), we understand that your location is unique and your requirements are varied. Our products can be tailored to meet your needs, creating a powerful and dynamic security solution that’s right for you.

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