Emergency Response Plans Need to Account for Deaf, Hard of Hearing

Regulatory codes and standards, such as NFPA 72, cover a number of important requirements for security products, including mass notification software, fire alarms and more. Included in this important fire alarm and signaling regulation are guidelines that help preserve the safety of the deaf and hard of hearing.

This critical component was highlighted in a recent column in Electrical Contractor magazine:

“A facility’s emergency-response plan must include a template for the messages related to each anticipated emergency scenario to ensure the uniform delivery of information to all building occupants in whichever way they receive the information.”

That includes incorporating both LED strobe lighting and speaker systems into your security systems, with solutions that are intended to “ensure audibility, intelligibility and visibility of the alarm messages and signals.”

Code Blue takes care to ensure that many of its emergency communication solutions follow NFPA 72 regulations, including our industry leading Help Points®, powerful public address speakers and the S-1000 LED Beacon/Strobe light.