Locations Should Remain Proactive with Parking Lot Security

The importance of remaining proactive about an emergency operations plan is vital to maintaining the safety and security of any location.

An article published by Building Operating Management Magazine highlighted the importance of conducting periodic audits to determine the existing security protocols in place and examine any areas that might need to be improved. The story pointed out one area that often may be overlooked or need further attention:

“The places in any worksite that statistically attract the most lawsuits are the least glamorous … parking lots and parking garages. And in the event of trouble, the building owner does not have the luxury of saying, ‘That parking garage is contracted out.’ ”

Providing effective communication with first responders not only has the potential to bolster security, but it also allows locations to provide another level of customer service whether it’s responding to car trouble or helping an individual locate their vehicle in a large parking garage.

Code Blue, the industry leading manufacturer of emergency communication solutions, has a number of excellent options for locations looking to improve security and offer direct contact with first responders in parking lots. Whether it’s the CB 2-e, Code Blue’s most popular wall-mounted Help Point®, or the CB 5-p, an economical Blue Light Phone Tower, we have a wide array products designed to help people feel safe wherever they park.

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