How Code Blue
Helps Parking

Whether it’s spotting a suspicious individual, reporting a crime or requesting non-emergency services like a malfunctioning parking gate, the variety and versatility of our emergency communication solutions present a commitment to safety that is unmatched in the market.

Customers include:


Brentwood Parking Garage,
St. Louis, MO

Dozens of wall-mounted units can be found at this location, which serves more than 1,000 people daily.

Irvine Parking Station,
Irvine, CA

A variety of pedestals assist visitors at the busiest transportation station in Orange County.

Charles River Parking Garage,
Boston, MA

Wall mounts assist tourists and residents near Fenway Park and the Museum of Science.

Popular Parking Products


CB 2-e Help Point®

The CB 2-e is Code Blue’s most popular wallmounted Help Point®. Highlighted by a high intensity LED beacon/strobe that provides high visibility and is a deterrent to potential crime, and a hands-free emergency speakerphone for direct communication with first responders, it can extend security efforts to parking decks, entrances, hallways and more.

CB 5-p Help Point®

The heavy-duty pedestal is topped with a bright beacon/strobe that provides high visibility throughout a wide area, providing an excellent choice for parking decks and other exterior uses.

Blue Alert® MNS

Blue Alert MNS can deliver alerts about potentially dangerous situations, like extreme weather conditions or active shooters, through multiple platforms, including public address speakers.