Healthcare Institutions Strive To Be Proactive About Security

Hospitals, by their very nature, are considered to be safe environments, a place where doctors, nurses and technicians can attend to sick and injured patients without worrying about security.

Unfortunately, potential incidents that involve violence or fire require healthcare institutions to be continuously proactive about safety and security to ensure the well-being of everyone at their location.

A recent article posted by pointed out that violent crime incidents (murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault) at hospitals in the U.S. and Canada increased 16 percent in 2013, according to the International Association of Healthcare Security and Safety Foundation’s “2014 Healthcare Crime Survey”

That’s one reason why Code Blue provides a wide range of emergency communication solutions that can help keep hospital employees, staff and visitors safe so the focus is on saving lives – and not worrying about their own. From our industry leading Help Points® and call boxes to sophisticated software solutions like Blue Alert® MNS and ToolVox® X3, Code Blue products provide a wide range of applications suitable for not only emergency situations, but also non-emergency services, like malfunctioning parking gates or providing visitors with information and directions.

As Bonnie Michelman, CPP, CHPA, director, police, security and outside services at Massachusetts General Hospital, told, healthcare locations need to be aware of aware of the potential risks that exist.

“Hospitals have made great strides over recent years in being better protected, there’s been a lot of investment made by hospitals for security and there have been a lot of regulations around security, which is good.”

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