Rack Room Shoes’ Security Upgrades Include Blue Light Phones

Rack Room Shoes is a national retailer that has offered an assortment of family footwear options for more than 90 years. With more than 500 stores in 34 states, Rack Room Shoes recently recognized the need to better protect its employees, customers and assets, which is why it invested almost $1 million to strengthen safety and security at its corporate headquarters and numerous retail locations.

Rack Room Shoes’ corporate headquarters is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, where it recently enjoyed a $16 million expansion, according to an article published in Security Sales and Integration magazine. About $500,000 was devoted to the security efforts, which included the installation of blue light emergency phones from Code Blue that provide individuals with an effective and efficient means to contact first responders whenever assistance is needed.

The entire project ensures that the corporation will be able to react in an instant to emergency situations and provide additional custom service-related applications like responding to car trouble in a parking lot or answering questions, while also minimizing legal concerns by providing another level of security.

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