Southeastern Louisiana University working to ensure notifications are heard

One of the biggest challenges facing locations with mass notification systems is ensuring messages are being not only heard, but understood. Part of meeting that challenge is using a layered security approach. It is important to consider all the formats that can deliver the message (text, email, call, etc.).

The Lion’s Roar, Southeastern Louisiana University’s student newspaper, reported that the school is continually focused on not only improving their mass notification systems, but ensuring that students are aware of them. That includes expanding the capabilities of the Code Blue Help Points® located on campus, Police Lieutenant Patrick Gipson said:

“We are working on getting reverse calls for the blue phones on campus. We’re working on setting it up to where we can do a reverse call to all those phones through a single land line. What you say into the phone comes out of all those blue phones. That would be an additional way to get information to someone who may not have their phone turned on, their phone may beep because they got a text and they may not think to check it and they’ll still get that emergency information.”

While blue light emergency phones have long been known for their ability to connect individuals with first responders during potentially dangerous incidents, they also can be utilized for a wide range of additional benefits. That includes using them to help push out notifications through mass notification software and public address speakers. It also may involve integrating video cameras for additional surveillance or including a temperature-controlled housing for an AED device that can provide assistance during instances of sudden cardiac arrest.

Code Blue supports locations adopting a layered security approach to emergency communication by offering powerful products designed to efficiently and effectively reach large audiences when an incident occurs. From our industry pioneering Help Points and dynamic emergency speakerphones to our award-winning mass notification software and systems management platform, we are here to help you find the right solution for your environment.  To learn more about how we can benefit your college and university setting, call 800-205-7186 or contact an authorized Code Blue representative.