Tarrant County College Strengthens Security With Code Blue

Tarrant County River Campus TX (3)While cellular phones remain an effective way to request assistance during an emergency, college and university locations continue to recognize that the most effective way to provide exceptional safety and security is with a layered approach to communication that includes the use of emergency devices such as blue light phones.

That’s why Tarrant County College in Texas, for example, will be installing hundreds of Code Blue speakerphones in every classroom on its southeast campus, augmenting an emergency communication system that already included Code Blue devices that can be throughout the school district in hallways, open spaces, parking lots and more.

According to The Collegian, Tarrant County College’s student newspaper, Facilities Administrator Director David Elder said at a board of trustees meeting that 911 calls from a cell phone are routed to a city dispatch, which means first responders potentially could require additional time to make it to the campus. Calls from Code Blue phones, however, will be made directly to campus police, who can respond immediately.

That’s just one advantage offered by the installation of Code Blue’s industry leading emergency communication solutions. Our Help Points® also provide a high level of durability, providing highly reliable and effective communication during stressful and potentially dangerous situations, and can deter potential crime from taking place with their high visibility, powerful lighting options and camera surveillance capabilities.

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