Schools like Temple University Continue to Invest in Security

code-blue-help-pointInstalling, maintaining and expanding an effective security system can be a potentially significant investment, but more and more institutions are realizing the importance and advantages to establishing a safe environment for everyone who may step foot on their location.

Temple University is one recent example. According to a story posted on the school’s website, the Philadelphia-based university installed a number of upgrades for its Department of Campus Safety Services, including new software, computers and workstations that will benefit its police force and access the dozens of surveillance cameras and Code Blue emergency phones located throughout campus.

Edda Bejarano, a systems administrator, said the main goal is to protect the Temple community.

“New technology gives us the ability to respond to any of their needs quicker and gets us information in a timely manner,” she said. “We are focused on providing the safest university possible, and the upgrades will certainly help.”

That’s one of the reasons why Code Blue offers sophisticated physical security devices like Help Points® and emergency speakerphones. In addition to giving students, faculty, staff and visitors the ability to swiftly notify police and first responders at schools like Temple University, they also can be utilized for nonemergency situations, such as a flat tire or requesting a campus escort late at night.

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