Transit Boarding Assistance

Allow passengers with disabilities to hail the train conductor for assistance with boarding a train from the platform.

CB1e Transit Boarding Assistance Tower

This customized CB 1-e Help Point® Tower is a custom configuration designed especially for disabled passengers. With ADA compliance top-of-mind, the list of customizations come together to empower the disabled passenger to hail the conductor, when hailing is otherwise complicated or impossible. A shortened CB1-e cylindrical tower presents an ADA-compliant height secondary faceplate with Boarding Assistance buttons to trigger the high intensity amber LED beacon/strobe.

  • ADA-Compliant Wheelchair Height Boarding Assistance Buttons
  • Amber LED Beacon Strobe on the Equipment Mounting Ring
  • Faceplate Light and Camera
  • Hearing Loop Enabled
  • Analog or IP, Wired or Cellular

Custom Options Available for Wall Mount Enclosures as well!

CB 4  Product Sheet