We are a Blank Canvas

Make your project one-of-a-kind.


For over 30 years Code Blue has delivered custom products, built to meet almost any request you can think of. Whether your project needs special paint and graphic colors, connectivity integration, fabrication requirement, power assembly, or component attachment, we’ve got you covered.


If you need more than speakerphone with your Help Point®, we likely have an accessory that can provide what you need, or give you the required space to include a third party component. Options include AED Cabinets, Audio Paging Speaker Arrays, Overhead Equipment Mounts, Hearing Loop Integration, Remotely Mounted Strobe Assemblies, and more!

More Accessories


While our standard designs allow our Help Points® to be installed in many different environments and locations, we know that some sites can be tricky and require modifications to meet the needs of the customer. Don’t let our normal physical specifications get in the way of deploying a Code Blue system. We can adjust tower heights, create faceplates or enclosure openings that allow third party equipment to be mounted to them, design mounts and storage spaces for necessary equipment, & even design an enclosure from the ground up if a project calls for it.

  • Custom Faceplate Cutouts

  • Custom Unit Dimensions

  • Custom Enclosure Designs

  • Third Party
    Hardware Integration


Connecting your Help Point® has never been more flexible than it is now. User friendly software from our Blue Alert® suite, safe & secure Nebula cloud services, and ToolVox® server options are easy to deploy quick and efficiently. Connections and software integration to third party hardware are also available!

Integration Solutions


As the needs for our Help Points® grow, so does the amount of unique locations that they need to be installed in. Whether you find yourself faced with a certain voltage available on site, the need to house third party power equipment, or a location that cannot utilize hardwire power, chances are we have a solution for you. The vast array of power systems and components that are offered allow a Code Blue Help Point® to be installed virtually anywhere. 


From custom paint colors & graphic text to phone bezels specifically designed to let the end user know who they are calling when they push the button, the options to customize your Help Point® are only limited by imagination. We have created countless custom units throughout the years and welcome new ideas everyday. If you have an idea, there’s a good chance we can bring it to life!

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