Ask the Experts – Why Choose Code Blue Nebula Cloud + Managed Services?

Why Choose Code Blue Nebula Cloud + Managed Services?

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The Code Blue Ask the Experts Series will emphasize critical solutions customers should not overlook – Help Points® (with cellular IP and solar panels) and Nebula® Cloud + Managed Services. These solutions and capabilities are essential for customers and integrators.

Code Blue is always ready to help with any questions regarding our solutions. No one should feel like they are on an island. Together, we are a community dedicated to assisting Public Safety save lives!

The second edition of our Ask the experts Series – Code Blue will emphasize – Help Points® (Nebula® Cloud + Managed Services). Knowing why this solution and capabilities significantly benefit customers and integrators is essential.

Why Choose Code Blue Nebula Cloud + Managed Services?

Because you can rely on Code Blue’s expertise and capabilities to optimize your public safety operations continuously.

Code Blue believes in customer choice as a value driver, and customers can choose many options for service, products, support, and 3rd party components and services.

However, as many manufacturers prefer to stay out of helping customers and integrators with their operational endeavors, we pride ourselves on offering customers and integrators a bundled engagement whereby all the risk is put on Code Blue to drive success and satisfaction in your public safety operation.

Nebula Cloud

Nebula Cloud is a cloud-based platform that combines products and services to connect remote units, enable call routing, and provide diagnostics and reporting through the Blue Alert Software Platform (see figure 1).

Why Choose Nebula?

Because the solution provides the following:

  • A complete end-to-end system that utilizes alerting, managing, and responding technology.
  • It is a lifeline to people needing help and empowers your public safety team to act quickly and intelligently before, during, and after an incident.
  • Enhancing customer service, customers can offer onsite assistance in situations that are not potentially dangerous and may not require traditional police or 911 personnel.
  • A Managed Cloud Platform that is not behind a firewall – something that IT professionals will vouch for.
  • A network-off-your-network. Technicians can move calls, video, software, and data to a separate Nebula network for ultimate peace of mind.
  • Automatic updates, redundant connectivity, and so much more are configurable.
  • Code Blue eliminates any need for a server and associated life cycle maintenance.

Managed Services

Managed cloud devices are pre-configured and fully managed, providing peace of mind. The most up-to-date software releases are included to eliminate the need to invest time and resources performing those updates.

Benefits of Managed Services:

  • Code Blue provides system configuration, ongoing support, and proactive monitoring for your emergency speakerphones.
  • When coupled with our robust Nebula Cloud platform, Managed Services provides systems management to reduce the time and resources required to deploy and maintain your communications infrastructure.
  • The most knowledgeable and experienced technicians deliver a reliable call routing and monitoring system, provide a single source for troubleshooting and updates, and perform other tasks to maximize your investment.

What Exactly is Offered by Managed Services?

We can provide and manage campus infrastructure for applications using Cellular IP services. With proactive monitoring we can generate diagnostic reports, make configuration changes (such as resetting passwords, as requested by end-user customer) and configure router parameters, including 4G LTE/5G settings, VPN tunnels, IP addresses, etc.

Most importantly, our managed services provide extension details, including station names, location information, requested area code (for DID/e911 applications), IP address scheme, DID or extension numbers, location recordings/scripts, and other pertinent information. We can program emergency speakerphones, including network settings, station numbers/names, configure call routing “ring no answer” destinations and location recording/scripts.

The Bottom Line

Getting to the bottom line – Code Blue Nebula Cloud + Managed Services enables customers and integrators to focus on more pressing operational matters by leaving the management of your Code Blue solution to a team that is most intimately knowledgeable and capable.

It is not a question about whether services should be implemented; it’s about opportunity costs around who is best suited to do it!

We hope the Code Blue Team has helped you consider these strategic methods for lowering total costs and improving operations and customer satisfaction. Consider contacting Code Blue for help ( to make your Code Blue Solutions come to life!