Selecting The Right Cloud Service For Your Location

Wondering which cloud service is right for you?

There are many advantages to deploying IP phones over legacy analog phones, however, providing network connectivity for emergency communication devices can be challenging. Whether the emergency phone is located in a remote area, the end user does not have a VoIP-capable PBX, the IT group will not approve VoIP traffic on their corporate network, or another roadblock, it can be difficult to make the right choice.

There are three primary solutions most end users choose as a solution to their IP connectivity problems: Managed Cloud, Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud. Here is a brief explanation of the solutions provided by Code Blue:

Managed Cloud

Managed Cloud provides a cloud-based, fully managed platform. It is a quick and easy way to deploy IP phones by providing functions like SIP registration, diagnostics, e911/DID functionality, call routing and more to help end users reduce the cost of their infrastructure, configuration labor and ongoing maintenance. While the phones are usually connected to the cloud using 4G LTE cellular data, other methods can be used, including wired and WiFi Internet connections. Managed Cloud devices are preconfigured and fully managed, providing peace of mind for the end user. The most up-to-date software releases are also included, eliminating the need for investing time and resources to perform those updates.

Private Cloud

Private Cloud provides the transport necessary to connect emergency communication devices to a SIP-enabled platform on the end user’s network. Common platforms include Code Blue’s ToolVox®, Cisco, Avaya and Genetec. They are typically located at the end user’s headquarters or IT hub (data center, network server room, etc.), but also could be located anywhere a corporate network connection is available. The end user’s PBX provides all call routing functionality and any additional features they choose to utilize. Much like Managed Cloud, phones are usually connected to the cloud using 4G LTE cellular data. Wired or wireless Internet connections are an option and can be used as redundant connections, creating an automatic failover configuration.

Hybrid Cloud

A Hybrid Cloud combines Managed and Private Cloud features and functionality. For example, let’s say you want to connect most of your units to an existing network using Private Cloud, however, there are a few offsite locations you would like to connect to a Managed cloud, primarily for testing, diagnostics, and peace of mind they are operating nominally at all times.

By deploying a cloud configuration, there are many benefits including lower infrastructure cost, network design flexibility, scalability, and redundancy options.

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