Getting Started with ToolVox®

The hub for all of your emergency communication needs, ToolVox® is an award-winning systems management platform for configuring your hardware and software systems. These are some of the most frequently asked questions we hear.

What does the ToolVox actually do?

The ToolVox platform houses the Code Blue software packages – UPD, Blue Alert® EMS and Blue Alert MNS. It also provides a platform for analog phone services and an IP gateway for SIP phones

Do I need a ToolVox?

Not necessarily. Our flexible platform allows you to create a customized emergency communications management system that integrates with third party products. It also can be programmed to monitor the status of Code Blue phones and run Blue Alert EMS and Blue Alert MNS.

How do I set up a ToolVox?

Initial Setup of the ToolVox is covered in the opening chapters of the ToolVox Guide. Once on your network, Code Blue Professional Services can log in with you to continue setup, configuration and training if you have purchased a support package.

Can I just download the ToolVox software?

Currently, the software is only housed on our hardware platform.

Should I get installation and training support for my ToolVox deployment? What are the options?

If this is your first or second deployment, then we highly recommend it. When choosing a service package, we recommend the Remote option as the most cost- and time- effective selection. Please contact our support team to learn more about the right package for you.

  • Remote – Provides unlimited use of a Code Blue engineer’s time for configuration, deployment and training, and can be  tailored to meet your schedule . Once configuration, deployment and training are completed this package expires.
  • Onsite – Purchase a set number of days, with follow up for additional training done remotely.
  • 1/5/10 – Additional remote support plan hours can be used for training/turn-up/configuration and do not expire if not used.

Can the ToolVox be a standalone closed system with the Code Blue speakerphones isolated from the customers network, or do I need to deploy it on the customer’s network?

Both. You could deploy an analog or IP system using all of your own equipment. An example would be an IP deployment where you provide a 24-48 port PoE switch. All the IP Code Blue speakerphones would plug into that switch, as well as ToolVox and an IP desk phone. Calls would route through the ToolVox to the desk phone, making it a complete closed system not on your network. It can be put on your network as well.  Alternatively, you may want calls sent to current phones or cell phones. In that case, we would interconnect the ToolVox to POTS phone lines (FXO) or PBX via a SIP, H.323 or T1 PRI trunk.

How do I incorporate my analog phones into the ToolVox?

This can be done in two different ways:

  1. Dial tone provided by ToolVox: We can add an Adtran shelf to provide dial tone to the Code Blue analog speakerphones. Phone lines are run back to this unit.
  2. Dial tone provided by other: Run analog speakerphones off PBX or Bell POTS lines. In this case, the ToolVox will need a way to interconnect to the PBX via SIP, H.323, or T1 PRi trunk or though a single pots phone line. The ToolVox can then make test calls into Code Blue speakerphones and program them.

To learn more about ToolVox, call 800-205-7186.