Parking facilities should remain vigilant when it comes to security

Parking lot safety and security remains a top priority for many locations. Whether it’s an employee, shopper, tourist or visitor, it’s essential to have the proper tools in place to respond to situations that can range from emergencies to basic information requests.

The February/March 2014 issue of Security Technology Executive Magazine contained an article that highlighted several safety measures that parking facilities should keep up to date. Three of them, in particular, line up with emergency communication solutions offered by Code Blue that are perfect for parking facilities.

From the article:

Lighting: This is perhaps the most important deterrent to crime in a parking facility. … Ideally, lighting fixtures should be vandal proof, reliable and easy to maintain.”

The S-1000 LED Beacon/Strobe is a high intensity, energy efficient option that provides 270 Lumens of powerful light and comes standard in Code Blue Help Points®, like the CB 5-p and CB 2-e.

Emergency mass notification: These systems are particularly useful in areas where severe weather events, such as tornadoes, are common. If an employee or patron is entering a parking lot during such an event, the emergency notification device can direct them to a specific area of the parking area for shelter. These systems also can broadcast pre-recorded or live messages in the event of an emergency situation inside the adjoining building, alerting the individual that it is not safe to enter.”

Blue Alert® MNS from Code Blue is a comprehensive and cost-effective incident response solution that can provide notifications across multiple platforms, including public address, digital signs, social media and more, during an emergency situation.

Emergency call boxes: These devices should be placed in well-lit areas such as near an exit stairwell in a parking structure or centrally located in a surface lot. Typically, the call boxes will be recognizable to employees and visitors because of the blue light, signifying help in an emergency. …”

As previously stated, the CB 5-p and CB 2-e from Code Blue are excellent choices for parking facilities looking to provide direct contact with first responders. These options have a wide range of applications, whether it’s reporting a suspicious individual or requesting assistance for a flat tire.

Regardless of the situation, Code Blue’s emergency communication solutions ensure that people will feel safe wherever they park.