School Environments Continue to Invest in Safety, Security

Math and science are everyday subjects covered by students from around the world, from kindergarten to high school, but as multiple tragic events have taught us in recent years, it’s imperative to remain aware of the security plans put in place to help keep students, faculty and staff out of harm’s way.  Whether it’s a fire drill or a procedure designed to handle an active shooter situation, educational institutions are being forced to continually update and improve their emergency communication systems to create and maintain safe learning environments.While a recent article published by American School & University magazine stated that incidents of nonfatal victimizations at schools have declined 82 percent since 1992, a recent study also found that the majority of public schools will still have to deal with a violent incident:

“The (Indicators of School Crime and Safety 2015) crime report says that during 2013-14, about 65 percent of public schools had one or more violent incidents take place—an estimated 757,000 incidents.”

That’s one reason why more and more schools are taking proactive steps to protect everyone on campus. According to the article, these initiatives include:

  • 7 percent of schools say they provide phones in most classrooms, up from 44.6 percent in 1999-2000.
  • 6 percent of schools use an electronic notification system to deliver notifications during an emergency; the government didn’t collect this data in 1999-2000.

Moon Area Schools Pittsburgh PA (2)That’s why Code Blue offers dynamic emergency communication solutions designed to bolster the safety and security of any school environment. From our powerful emergency speakerphones to our award-winning mass notification software, Code Blue products are designed to provide direct contact with first responders, who can react in a swift and effective manner and provide students with help when they need it most. In addition to contributing a faster reaction for safety personnel, there also are a wide range of useful applications for non-emergency services, like car problems and assisting visitors looking for information or directions.

The goal is to keep the focus can be on a lesson plan – and not on potential security concerns – because a strong emergency plan is already in place.

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