Safety and Security Play Vital Role for Parking Facilities

Ensuring that visitors feel safe from the moment they enter a parking lot or garage is key to guaranteeing a facility’s long-term success. According to an article published in the May issue of The Parking Professional Magazine, failing to provide a safe and secure environment can have a major effect from financial and perception standpoints.

“If the facility should experience criminal activities, the negative effect on the business and its patrons can greatly damage the parking organization’s reputation. Once a negative impression is publicly released in the media, it is difficult to reverse its effect on the businesses and gain back the trust of parking patrons.”

The article goes on to list a number of design features intended to buoy security at parking structures, including examples of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) – like boosted lighting levels – and giving patrons the opportunity to directly contact first responders, including two-way communication devices installed in elevators and courtesy phones frequently known as blue light emergency phones.

Whether it’s empowering visitors to report crimes and suspicious individuals or simply giving them a means to request assistance for a malfunctioning gate or car trouble, parking facilities that embrace increased safety measures will enjoy a number of positive effects at their location, including an increased sense of security and another level of customer service.