Serving Your Needs, From Security To Service

lambert-st-louis-international-airport-6More and more locations are embracing the versatility provided by emergency communication products like those offered by Code Blue. Protecting people and reacting to incidents remain critical functions, but creating a safe and secure environment also can include providing communication that’s accessible at any time of day for virtually any reason.

Embracing Safety and Security

The life-saving potential of emergency communication solutions cannot be overstated. Safety is an important duty, one that involves a wide range of people, departments and tools working in conjunction to ensure everyone is afforded the peace of mind of a safe environment.

Reacting to an incident is only one piece of the puzzle. Establishing a safe and secure setting also entails learning what has happened in the past to help prevent future events. That’s why Code Blue offers a wide range of products designed to not only provide help at the touch of a button, but empower individuals to act quickly and intelligently before, during and after an incident.

Enhancing Customer Service

While a personal emergency – anything from a car that won’t start to a malfunctioning gate or ticket machine – may not necessarily be life-threatening, it does highlight the opportunity to offer assistance aside from traditional police or 911 personnel. The addition of Code Blue allows you to respond to requests for assistance in situations that are not potentially dangerous.

Many people also prefer to talk directly with an individual who is on site rather than be routed through a third party service or forced to search through hard-to-navigate websites, guides, brochures, etc. It’s far more efficient and clear – not to mention reassuring and comforting – to have direct contact with someone on site who can easily answer questions and provide swift assistance.