Ask the Experts – Nebula Cloud – Dimensions of Capabilities


This Code Blue Ask the Experts Series will explain the vast capabilities of the Nebula Cloud. Understanding the Nebula Cloud possibilities for all dimensions of critical communications, automation, and performance for public safety is essential for customers and integrators.

Code Blue is always ready to help with any questions regarding our solutions. No one should feel like they are on an island. Together, we are a community dedicated to assisting public safety and saving lives!

Nebula Cloud General Capabilities

To reiterate from an earlier ASK THE EXPERTS ARTICLE about Code Blue’s Nebula Cloud general capabilities, consider these points:

  • Nebula® Cloud is a complete, centric, open platform for modern, automated, and integrated public safety communications.
  • Through Blue Alert software, in concert with Nebula Cloud, we offer a unique, complete end-to-end system that utilizes alerting, managing, and responding technology.
  • It is a lifeline to people needing help and empowers your public safety team to act quickly and intelligently before, during, and after an incident.
  • Enhancing customer service, customers can offer onsite assistance in situations that are not potentially dangerous and may not require traditional police or 911 personnel.
  • A Managed Cloud Platform that is not behind a firewall – something that IT professionals will vouch for.
  • A network-off-your-network. Technicians can move calls, videos, and software to a separate Nebula network for ultimate peace of mind.
  • Automatic updates, redundant connectivity, and so much more are configurable.
  • Code Blue eliminates any need for a server and associated life cycle software maintenance.
  • Securely connect devices with a 256-bit AES Encrypted VPN. This protects your data from being intercepted by hackers or anyone else on the public internet.
  • Cloud-based architecture allows you to connect devices physically located around the world to one centralized platform.

Overall Dimensions of Capabilities – The Big Picture

At full-scale implementation, four major Blue Alert software applications operate with Nebula Cloud to enable human engagement, open communications technology utilization, routing to proper responders, actual responses, real-time diagnostics monitoring, analytics, and automation of integrated systems or devices. The illustration below covers the “big picture.”

Explanation of Key Capabilities in the Big Picture – Nebula Cloud

BLUE ALERT PORTAL is our web user interface for owners and public safety centers dedicated to a particular institution, business, or government campus. The PORTAL provides maps, device status, notification controls, subscription status, and call logs. Code Blue also offers Managed Services to help customers transition to Nebula Cloud and Blue Alert or for Code Blue to be a strategic service partner.

BLUE ALERT CONNECT is an underpinning universal communications software that routes calls due to human engagement actions from any help point. This can be accomplished through any single or combined public switched telephone network (PSTN), private branch exchange (PBX), internet service, cellular voice over internet protocol, and other communication technology solutions. The solution set supports voice trunking, SIP registration, DIDs, and e911 standards with DLR.

BLUE ALERT MONITOR uses high-level software with an open-source code called OpenNMS to automate processes and diagnostic awareness for monitoring networks and network devices. Any phone or IP network device can be integrated with this solution. It’s also compatible with some legacy analog devices.

BLUE ALERT MOTION is a cloud video management system with a companion mobile app. This software provides video viewing, event-based recording, and activation alerts through analytics that Amazon powers.

PLACES and HELP POINTS – Human engagement begins indoors or outdoors at places like elevators, buildings, parking lots, campus grounds, and areas of refuge (AOR). Typically, help points are Code Blue Help Point® Nebula Phones, Towers, Wall or Pole Mount Phones, or Help Buttons®, yet as a reminder, they can be any competitor’s IP device using SIP protocol or an analog device.

ADVANCED AI-ENABLED DEVICES – Robots and Drones, through advancements in AI, machine learning, sensor technology, and autonomous navigation, can help public safety responders improve situational awareness, communicate with customers, improve deterrence for bad actors, and provide sensory inputs for integrated systems.

SYSTEMS and SECURITY DEVICES – Many systems and devices can be utilized through Nebula Cloud and Blue Alert (suite) to bolster communications and response because they add information or capabilities for so many scenarios. Examples include fire detection and extinguishing, intrusion detection, access control, identity management, video surveillance and analytics, shooter detection, location, gun detection, mass notification, e311, general lighting, strobe lighting, gates, and public address.

RESPONDERS – To be most effective, all of the dimensions of our capabilities end up driving information to responders in real-time. Be it property owners, security or public safety operations (on-site or remote), call centers, law enforcement, or public safety answering points, the right information can be planned for, tested, and enabled to deliver exceptional customer service.

Bottom Line

We hope this article helped you better understand that Code Blue’s Nebula® Cloud and the related dimensions of our capabilities offer a complete, central hub, open software platform for modern, automated, and integrated public safety communications.

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