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Cornell University Embraces Versatility of Blue Light Phones

There’s no question that durable emergency communication solutions such as blue light phone towers and call boxes can provide reliable […] Read more


Tarrant County College Strengthens Security With Code Blue

While cellular phones remain an effective way to request assistance during an emergency, college and university locations continue to recognize […] Read more

Western Carolina University Maintains Campus Security with Help from Code Blue

As the westernmost institution in the University of North Carolina education system, Western Carolina University serves more than 10,000 students […] Read more

Rack Room Shoes’ Security Upgrades Include Blue Light Phones

Rack Room Shoes is a national retailer that has offered an assortment of family footwear options for more than 90 […] Read more

Blue Light Phones Remain Relevant Resource for Colleges

For decades, blue light phones have stood as a visible sign to a commitment to security at colleges and universities […] Read more

Navicent Health Security Upgrades Include Code Blue

To learn more about the Navicent Health project, click here. The need for effective security measures is certainly not a […] Read more


Help Points Can Help Students Report Suspicious Activity

One of the key benefits of Help Points® is they empower individuals to report suspicious activity and help decrease violent […] Read more

Jul, 14, 2016




Emergency Phones Are Your First Point of Contact

Our emergency phones are rugged and reliable products providing a critical line of communication to those in need of a […] Read more


Safety and Security Play Vital Role for Parking Facilities

Ensuring that visitors feel safe from the moment they enter a parking lot or garage is key to guaranteeing a […] Read more

Jun, 21, 2016




White Paper: Enhancing Customer Service Through Security

  Locations are embracing the versatility that emergency communication solutions provide, not only from a safety and security standpoint, but also […] Read more


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